Pacific Advertising Co-Op Marketing

Pacific Advertising is pleased to introduce automated co-operative marketing/advertising programs for your customers utilizing theeDMStmon-line ordering system.eDMStmis used nationwide and in Canada by some of the largest companies in the country including McDonalds, Subway, Blue Shield, and Blue Cross.

eDMStm will streamline your existing co-op marketing program saving time and money for you and your customers... More importantly, the “user friendly” system will increase participation among your customer base and help with new customer acquisition.   If you are not currently offering marketing-advertising products to your clients,eDMStmwill help you launch a program for the first time.

Pacific Advertising partners with you to determine the program elements and options that work best for your customers. A customized, private labeleDMStmsite in your company name for customers to log into using their own protected password is built. Advertising media including direct mail, newspaper, radio and television can be selected. The co-op ordering site can include any or all of these media options.

Customers choose from pre-approved full-color direct mail pieces and newspaper advertisements of all sizes. Again, the system has options for radio and television spots specifically designed for your product. Counts for direct mail of available prospects are calculated in real time. Affiliates can specify and schedule mailing(s) for a single date or multiple dates. Newspaper, radio, and television ads can be customized on line, and the media buys are then executed by the Pacific Advertising media department.

Customers can specify the area to which they would like to market by zip codes, radius, or CTA (custom trade area) incorporating demographic information that automatically provides prospect counts around specific locations.

Customers customize your companies approved media creative’s with their own business information and choose from pre-approved headlines, offers and copy.

Customers “pay as they order”. Programs can be modified or cancelled without penalty. Customer orders are confirmed via e-mail of placement dates and exact charges.

Getting Started:  60-90 days to develop the creative and the eDMStm automated ordering site.

Cost:  A one–time fee starting at $10,000 to build a customized eDMStm site for your company.

Creative Costs: Direct mail pieces and full-page newspaper ads from $5,000 to $7,500. Radio and television creative costs are based on length of spots, actors and other production costs.

On-Going Costs: There are no advertising agency retainer fees. Pacific Advertising receives advertising agency placement fees for newspaper, radio, and television buys.

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